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Topic/purpose (consider Gagne's 5 outcome types)

Many times, students have a hard time studying for math. The purpose of my mini course is to equip teachers with a variety of resources that they can both utilize themselves and show their students so that the students are able to easily study. By the end of this class, students will gain cognitive strategies about creating worksheets, where to find videos and tutorials, and making and playing interactive games.

Needs Assessment

A. Problem

One of the biggest issues in a math class is that students do not study or practice what they learn. When asked why they do not study, many times the students response is that they simply do not know how. As teachers, we need to be able to fix this issue. We should be able to equip them with several different methods and modes of studying for math.

B. What is Going to be Learned

Educators will be taught several different study tools that they can utilize in their own classroom and they can show their students how to use at home. The class will be broken into three main components. To start, we will discuss the use and creation of worksheets, both in hard copy and online. Then, students will be shown where they can find and create videos and tutorials for students to use. Finally, we will discuss creating and utilizing games to help students practice and study math.

C. The Learners

This course is meant for math educators from grades K-12. This course will however be most beneficial for teachers with students in grades 6-12.

D. Context for Instruction

This entire course will be done online. There will be no face to face instruction. However, learners will remain engaged with each other through discussions and exploratory activities.

E. Exploring the Problem and Solution

During this course, students will be given the opportunity to explore the various modes of math practice. They will be expected to explore a variety of sites as well as create some of their own activities.

F. Goals for the Mini-Course

The goal for this mini-course is that teachers will have new resources to use for themselves and to share with their students. By equipping teachers with these resources, I hope to make it a little less challenging and a bit more exciting for students to study for math.

Performance Objectives

By the end of this mini-course students will be able to:

1. Locate valuable resources that will help their students study math.

2. Create worksheets, games, or videos that will benefit their students.

3. Evaluate which resources will work best in their own classroom for their students.

4. Utilize these resources in their classroom.

Task Analysis

Lesson 1: How can I find and utilize practice worksheets to use in my classroom?

- Educators will be shown where to find online, printable worksheets.

- Educators will be shown how to create their own worksheets using online resources.

- Educators will create their own worksheets that will be beneficial for their classroom.

Lesson 2: Where can I find or create video tutorials to share with my students?

- Educators will be shown several sites that contain math video tutorials.

- Educators will be shown the animoto site where they can create their own video for students to use.

- Educators will be given the opportunity to create their own animoto.

Lesson 3: Where can I find or create review games that my students can use?

- Educators will be shown templates for PowerPoint and Smart Notebook games.

- Educators will create their own review game using one of the templates they have found.

Curriculum Map

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