Joy Stephenson

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Project Portfolio

Incorporating Virtual Field Trips

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About me

  • BA in Elementary Education with Earth Science Minor
  • Pursuing CDIT Graduate Degree at University of Albany.
  • Prior work experience includes, 4th grade teacher, Education Specialist, Science Museum Educator
  • Mother of four two legged children, and two four legged children. Love anything outdoors. Happiest when it snows!

My Topic/Purpose

Each year as you prepare your classroom to accept new students do you think about the activities, experiences and growth you will give them? Do you dread going on the yearly grade level field trip to the crowded facility where you are left to herd your students through multiple learning experiences? When you return from the field trip are you able to assess what your students learned?

The use of technology field trips allows students to access subject experts, and travel anywhere in the world from school. No more bothering parents for permission slips! The lessons are not only engaging but since you choose your topic and subject you can ensure they align to your classroom curriculum and standards. In some cases there are even interactive activities and experiments your students can perform during the field trip connection. The purpose of this mini course is to give teachers and administrators knowledge on how the use of technology field trips can benefit their school curriculum and most of all enhance their students learning. .