Jessica McHugh's Mini Course


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Welcome class to Intro to Blogging!

General Outcomes

At the end of the unit, learners will have a better understanding of the benefits of blogging, reflection and discussions. The learners will also discuss, create, and apply a grading rubric for blogging along with their own educational blog.

Unit 1: What is Blogging?

· Learners will be able to define blogging and other associating terms and jargon

· Learners will learn the importance of reflection through blogging

· Learners will learn the importance of discussions through blogging

Unit 2: Use of Blogging

· Learners will explore different sites and examples of educational blogs already created

· Learners will learn how to create an appropriate grading rubric for their classroom blog

Unit 3: Creation

· Learners will develop an educational blog of their own

· Learners will develop an educational rubric for their created blog


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