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Instructional Analysis

Course: E-Portfolio

Topic: E-portfolios for Post-Secondary Educators

Authentic Assessment

This mini-course will focus on incorporating E-Portfolios into a post-secondary educator's course. This mini-course will teach the post-secondary educator on the importance and the purpose of E-Portfolios. It will also show them how to design and incorporate them into their course. After completing this mini-course, post-secondary educators will be able to take away information from this course and apply it into their own course that they teach. They can have students create E-Portfolios at the end of the semester to demonstrate what that student learned throughout the semester. Post-secondary educators will be able to use the students E-Portfolio to assess the student.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this mini-course on E-Portfolios, students will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the need and importance of E-Portfolios;
  • Design and create an E-Portfolio;
  • Use E-Portfolios to evaluate students performance.

Learner Analysis

  • Students are adult learners specializing in post-secondary education.
  • Students are adjuncts, part-time and full-time professors.
  • Students do not have any prior experience with E-Portfolios.

Design Plans

Rationale for Project

By completing this course, students will be able to learn about E-Portfolios and the benefits of them.


Instructional Curriculum Map


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