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Stop Bullying Now

Intent of Project

The intent of this course is to help both students and teachers to recognize the effect that bullying has in our schools. Both teachers and students will become more aware of the signs of bullying, the different types of bullying they may see, and how to prevent or stop bullying from happening in our schools.

Topics that will be covered in this course are:

  • Why Children Bully; How to Recognize the Problem
  • How does bullying affect children?
  • What can we do to prevent bullying?
  • What different types of bullying are there?


Performance Objectives

Learners will be able to:

  • identify the different types of bullying they may see in a classroom/school setting. (Verbal)
  • identify and describe/act out what the bullying cycle is and looks like. (Motor Skills)
  • create and implement a plan using the information from this wiki on how to create a caring community in their classroom and stop bullying.
  • work together to develop ideas of how they could prevent bullying from happening in the classroom. (Cognitive Strategies)
  • by the end of this unit, use their knowledge about bullying to spread the word to end bullying. (Attitude)

Learners will be able to apply different outcome types to their learning to not only understand the topic, but to generate ideas and strategies toward it as well.

Needs Analysis for the Prevention of Bullying in Schools

1. Problem: Bullying is a problem that we have been seeing more and more of in our country over the last few years, primarily happening in our schools. School is supposed to be a place where students feel safe and at home, and it is our job as teachers to prevent this from happening. Children are being tormented, ridiculed, and teased for anything and everything, and it is sometimes so bad that children are taking their own lives. This is something that needs to be stopped.

2. What is to be learned: Learners will become familiar with what signs to look for when it comes to bullying, and will be aware of the bullying cycle. There are also different kinds of bullying that learners will become more aware of throughout this course.

3. The Learners: The learners will be teachers of any level, elementary through high school, that need knowledge in how to recognize different types of bullying that may be going on in their schools or classrooms. As teachers, we have many thoughts and ideas going on through out minds on a daily basis, and it is easy to fall behind in being aware of the acts taking place in our rooms. From this, teachers will be able to become conscious of activities taking place each day, and being alert in spotting where issues may be arising.

4. Instructional Context: Most activities in this course will occur online and by the individual. Many activities will be presented in a form of context or scenario so learners are able to prepare themselves for their own classrooms.

5. Exploring the problem and solution: Learners will have a chance to learn, practice, and reflect on course activities. Learners will explore and understand why being aware of bullying and preventing it from happening in a school setting is important for the safety of our students.

6. Goals: For teachers to learn more about the safety and needs of their students, and prevent bullying from happening in their own classroom.

Task Analysis

Task Anaylsis

Assignments & Applying Your Knowledge

Lesson 1: What is Bullying?

Lesson 2: How can we Prevent Bullying in our Classrooms?

Lesson 3: Creating a Safe Classroom

Resources and References


Creating and Caring Classroom Community

Four Kinds of Bullying

Bullying Statistics

Characteristics of Bullying