Integrating SMART Technology in the Elementary Classroom

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You’re a teacher of the younger side of elementary school – let’s say you teach 1st grade. Your classroom this year has a new addition to it: a fancy, intimidating-but-promising looking SMART Board! You attend several trainings, and you learn about several ways to use it, but unfortunately, there is still much to be desired when it comes to how you can use it with YOUR young students!

The main academic areas that this course will cover are Math, ELA and Writing. Students of this early elementary age are just beginning to write, to formulate sentences, and to learn basic foundations of mathematics.

This mini-course is directed for teachers who want to use their SMART Boards (or any type of interactive whiteboard, some of the processes will be the same) in a way that involves students, engages them, and also makes the life of the teacher much easier.

Let’s get the most out of the great technology we are lucky to have in the classroom!


· Familiarity with any type of interactive whiteboard program such as: SMART Notebook and EPSON Whiteboard. You can download a free trial of SMART Notebook here

· Basic knowledge of how to navigate internet exploring programs such as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

· Some of the material is directed towards learners who teach students in Grades K-1. Explanations of why each component of the lesson is featured will be provided.

· Less than 2 of the activities involve having an actual SMART Board, since SMART Notebook requires a connection to it in order to work. Don't be alarmed, video will be provided for learners to witness the process and gain familiarity to the topic.

Objectives of this Course

At the conclusion of this course, learners will...

· acquire the knowledge to write on websites, screenshot, and save for later use.

· be able to create and locate interactive lessons to have learners come to the board and manipulate/write.

· demonstrate how to make routines of their class simpler, more effective, and interactive.

· gain more experience and a better understanding of how to use SMART Notebook in classroom situations.

UNIT I: Annotations/Web Browsing

UNIT 2: Screenshots/Misc

UNIT 3: SMART Notebook

Final Words

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