Incorporating Ipad's into ELA Classrooms


Designed by Kyle Williams

Incorporating iPads into a first grade ELA curriculum will increase the students' motivation level and their participation level. The use of technology for students this age is something that will get the students excited for school. The purpose of this course is to help teachers set up and incorporate iPads into their first grade ELA classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • After completing this course, learners will be able to do the following:
  1. Create an Education Apple ID
  2. Select the best ways to use the iPad in the classroom
  3. Select apps based on the needs of the students in their class
  4. Determine the level of success of the iPads and adjust the use of the iPads if necessary

Before you begin this mini-course, write down your thoughts of using iPads in a first grade classroom. What are the potential uses? What are the possible benefits? What are the possible drawbacks?

Ipad picture.png

Take the iPad pre-test to test your knowledge on the iPad

iPad Curriculum Map

iPad pre-test

Unit 1- Creating an apple ID for the whole school

Unit 2- Ways iPads can be used

Unit 3- Apps that can be used in the class

Unit 4- Are the iPads working for my students?

Unit 5- Post test and feedback

Resources for iPads in the classroom