How can students work together while being 6 ft apart?


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Welcome to my mini-course! I understand that this is a different and difficult year to be a teacher. There are many different things that educators have to worry about each day. n this course I hope to introduce you to new resources that can help transform your classroom even if it does not look like a traditional classroom!

 Before you begin this course please join the google classroom for this course via the provided link

If you have not used google classroom before or are unfamiliar with the learning management system, please watch the following video as an introduction

Overview and Purpose

For my mini course which focuses on collaboration methods for a hybrid or virtual learning environment, I would like to help teachers see that there are many resources that are available to use in the classroom. As a teacher who loves student collaboration I have been struggling to find ways to do it safely in the classroom. The resources that I will discuss in my mini course are hoping to help solve this dilemma.

Needs Assessment

After speaking to 10 teachers who are currently teaching in a hybrid environment I was really informed of the need for more resources on online collaboration. Collaboration in the classroom helps it to be build a learning community between all students. Collaboration in the classroom also provides social, psychological, and academic benefits to all students involved. However during this pandemic collaborative teaching seems near to impossible. There are many different modes of instruction that are occurring in schools nationwide. In my mini-course I plan to focus on teaching techniques/resources that can be effective in a hybrid as well as virtual method of teaching. As educators we must adapt to the new face of education that has emerged from this pandemic. Technology's influence on our teaching status has increased which has caused educators to look for new resources to accommodate the needs of their students.

Performance Objectives

Course participants will be able to compare new methods of cooperative learning and recall their individual advantages.

Course participants will be able to chose one new method and be able to design a successful instructional lesson using it.

Course participants will be able to analyze the new collaboration methods and decide which is most helpful for their classroom.

Course participants will be able to practice these new methods and develop an understanding of how each method works in a classroom setting.

Course Units

This mini-course includes the following units. Click the title of a unit to go to its page.

Unit 1 The Blackboard Learning Management System

What methods of virtual collaboration does this system provide? How can educators use this system to increase collaboration in this classroom?

Unit 2 Google Meet

What methods of virtual collaboration does this system provide? How does Google Meet differ from zoom? How can google meet be linked to google classroom?

Unit 3 NearPod

What methods of virtual collaboration does this system provide? How can you link NearPod to a zoom meeting with students? How can this system increase student engagement as well as collaboration?

Unit 4 Final Project

In the final unit you will be creating a lesson plan based on the information that you learned throughout this mini course. This will be a great way to really put into practice what you learned.

How will you be assessed?

Throughout this mini course you will be assessed based on your projects. This projects will be short and reflective. They will allow you to relfect on your own expirence and see how these new resurces can be used in your classroom. In the final unit I will ask you to create a lesson plan using at least two of the newly learned sources. These lesson plans will be submitted via the google classroom page created for this course.


This shows students working together

This image depicts what collaboration in the classroom used to look like. Today it does not look like that. The goal of this mini course is to create collaboration methods using virtual sources.