Unit 1 The Blackboard Learning Management System

The Blackboard Learning Management System

Guiding Questions

What methods of virtual collaboration does this system provide? How can educators use this system to increase collaboration in this classroom?

Why should I use a discussion board in my classroom?

“Online discussion boards are commonplace in higher education courses,intended either to supplement or in certain cases, replace face-to-face conversations” (Champion, K., & Gunnlaugson, O. (2018)

How can this be implemented into a secondary level classroom?

Discussion boards are a great way for all students to be able to participate in a discussion no matter where they are. For shy students this is a great way to hear their thoughts without requiring them to share with the whole class. It is also a great way for students to practice their writing skills.

What type of questions can you ask in a discussion board?

You can ask any questions in a discussion board. In my own classroom this year I have asked questions that require students to write paragraphs based on something we covered in class. I have also had students just respond to a yes or no question really just to check their understanding. This can be used in any subject but some may be harder to implement. If you want you can even have students reply to each other to create more of a collaborative environment. I have had students in my classroom do this and they really enjoy seeing their peers opinions.

Examples of Questions that can be used in a discussion board:

Do you watch the news or keep up with the news in another way? Why is it important for us to be aware of what is going on in the world?

In your opinion what is the best way to assess a students progress in the classroom?

What are essential elements needed in a classroom to be effective?

What creates an effective comical? Do you think that there are any effective comical on the T.V today?

Blackboard also offers wikis and blogs. These are two other resources that really can guide a student's learning and create a collaborative environment. With these resources students can access these at any time no matter their location. This is a great way for students who are not present in the classroom to be able to work together

Purpose of Wikis/Blogs

“A wiki allows the student to actively participate in the content creations process, promote critical thinking, collaborative learning and communication (Beldarrain, 2006; Usluel & Mazman, 2009)” “ The ultimate goal of a wiki is to increase collaboration among students” (Cilliers, L. (2017).” “Blogs and wikis are augmenting traditional publishing and classroom teaching, speeding up the pace of information exchange for both researchers and students (Lamont, J. (2010) “A similar content provider approach is the use of blogs and wikis as electronic portfolios in which the published content acts as both a record of learning experiences and as a result of the personal creative process of developing the content. (Sandars, J. (2007)” “Blogs and wikis that actively encourage feedback and contributions from users can be effective in developing a community of learners (Sandars, J. (2007)”

What can I do if I do not have access to blackboard but would like to use these methods in my classroom?

Google classroom has ways to create discussion boards. This can by asking a question through the question assignment. After this make sure that students can reply to each other. If you would like a wiki in your own classroom, the following video will explain how this can be done.


Reflect on your own classroom. Step 1 Do you think that you could use discussion boards in your classroom? Do you see a use for a wiki or a blog in your classroom? What is one question that you could have your students respond to? Do you think this could help create a collaborative environment in your classroom? Please use the provided google document to post your thoughts. This will allow all participants to see each others thoughts.


Step 2: Please go to our google classroom page and participate in the discussion board created for all course participants. This will illustrate how a discussion board will look in google classroom. Below you will find the link for the google classroom page.



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Next Steps

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