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The mini-course Integrating Technology into Chinese Language Teaching


China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures over 5000 years; One fifth of the planet speaks Chinese. Since recent decades China becomes the second largest economy in the world, study Chinese language opens the way to different important fields such as Chinese politics, economy, and history. Etc. Many universities, high schools opened Chinese class, which popularized the Mandarin all around the world. As the computer-based learning show its benefits in teaching and learning, especially for learning languages, this mini-course will study how to technology can improve the Chinese teaching in several aspects and improve the study outcomes.

Intended Audience

This mini-course is intended for

  • College/High school teachers who want to improve their teaching skills by using technology support.
  • Researchers who want to study the effectivenesss of technology support in classroom.
  • Adults who want to learn Chinese by self-teaching.
  • College/High school students who want to polish their Chinese by using technologies after the class.

Goals/ Outcomes

  • Become familiar with the Chinese teaching software tools
  • Become familiar with the operation of Chinese teaching software
  • Learn how to use and integrate computer based teaching in Chinese class
  • Evaluate the quality of Chinese teaching software.

Course Purposes and Performance Objectives

  • Teachers are able to use different tools to support different teaching objects.

  • Teachers can understand the benefits of computer-based teaching methods.
  • Given a website which contains Chinese learning materials, teachers can choose appropriate teaching materials online.
  • Given a Chinese class, teachers can find appropriate technology materials to support the class.

After taking this mini-course, participants should be able to:

  • figure out the benefits of ingetrate technology in Chinese language teaching.
  • albe to use different tools to suupport specific aspect in Chinese.
  • proficiently use softwares which provide in this class in their Chinese listening, speaking, reading.

Needs Assessment

1.Instructional Problem: As technology support in language learning becomes largely than before, and the increase number of Chinese learning learners, it is necessary that use the technology to offer teaching materials online. By using the technology will offer more oppertunities for both teachers and learners to learn Chinese, but the teahcers, expecially for adult Chinese teaching need training about how to integrate technology in Chinese teaching.

2. What is to be learned: Teachers or learners in this mini course will learn how to use technology to support Chinese learning in an effectivew way.

3.The Participants: This mini course is aimed at teachers who want to integrate technology in Chinese teaching in high school or college. However, it also works for any learner who interested in Chinese.

4. Prerequisites: Participants should have:

  • knowledge of basic computer operation.
  • teaching experiment or planing to teach Chinese for adults.
  • ability to navigate online and use web-based media.
  • wilingness to bring new learning models into the Chinese classroom
  • understanding of new pedagogy.

Curriculum Map