Flipping your Classroom


Author: Jared Tiffin

ETAP 623 Fall 2014

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Source: www.teachthought.com


Wouldn't it be be great if students could spend the time they had in class doing practice problems instead of being taught the content? Wouldn't it be great if the students themselves came into class with the basic background knowledge that allowed teachers to challenge them with examples? Wouldn't it be great if we could get students to take ownership over their education?

Did any of those questions get you thinking? Well, if so, then I would strongly recommend my mini-course!

We basically teach classes that are roughly 40 minutes long. This is not a lot of time and teachers struggle to find time to challenge their students, as they have to spend the bulk of their time explaining and walking them through the basics of the material. Teachers need to be able to find some way to be able to reach students both inside and outside of the classroom. Insert the flipped classroom. The flipped classroom is a technological solution for teachers who feel these pressures. The flipped classroom allows students to view the material the night before class, and then come to class ready to practice.

In this mini-course, you will learn all about the flipped classroom as well as build your very own unit using the flipped classroom ideas. So, if your looking for a new idea and/or looking to try something new, this mini-course is for you!

Unit 1

What is a flipped classroom?

Unit 1 Objective: Students will be able to define a flipped classroom.

Unit 2

Why should you consider flipping your classroom?

Unit 2 Objective: Students will explain why a teacher should flip their classroom.

Unit 3

What does a successful flipped classroom entail?

Unit 3 Objective: Students will identify what makes a successful flipped classroom and what makes them fail.

Unit 4

How can you implement a flipped classroom?

Unit 4 Objective: Students will identify ways to implement a flipped classroom.


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