Final Assessment: Motivating Mathematics:


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Putting this all together

The purpose of this final activity/assessment is for you to put all of your learning here into practice. With this goal in mind do the following:

Consider a unit in a class you teach or will likely teach and create a comprehensive unit plan to include the following features:

  • The overall flow of the unit in terms of instruction, activities, and assessments.
  • Expected or likely misconceptions based on previous experience or from outside input or research, as well as a method to recognize and address theses misconceptions as they arise.
  • A plan for helping students with disabilities.
  • A plan for helping students deal with anxiety associated with the learning in this unit.
  • Activities for learning the new mathematical vocabulary introduced in this unit.
  • Activities that reinforce good study skills.
  • Activities that get students involved in utilizing and understanding the problem solving process.
  • Activities that are relevant to the students in terms of their interests and day to day lives.
  • Activities that demonstrate the usefulness and real life application of the concepts and skills learned in this unit.
  • An example of a career that uses the ideas from the unit and how its used there to be shared with the class.
  • Unique delivery of concepts.
  • Use of a game or manipulative or other hands-on activity.