Final: Adapting and Modifying Our Classroom Environments

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  • Learners will create and implement their knowledge of sensory diets, Autism and classroom safety by modifying a given classroom to incorporate all tools needed to create a better learning environment.

Final Project Directions

  • At this time you will be using the module materials, readings, videos, discussions and your journals as a tool and reflection aide to help you create your very own classroom.
  • Given a specific situation, appropriate information and classroom details for a new upcoming year, you will take the information and previous layout of the classroom and re-create, adapt, apply and modify a classroom using 5 learned strategies, tools and/or equipment/toy that will benefit the safety and atmosphere of your future learners.
  • Since a lot of the examples we have used are based on different ages and grades, you will be able to choose an age level and grade that is most familiar to you. Then you will design a blue print of your classroom. EXTRA CREDIT: if you have a classroom, set up your classroom incorporating everything that we have learned in this course and take us on a tour using your blueprint to create this new learning environment.
  • After creating your classroom, write or record your thoughts, trials, concerns, and works that you have incorporated in creating your classroom environment in a word document. This may include: explain why you chose the 5 tools, toy, equipment or strategies that you did. How is your classroom different from the original classroom? What did you do to change it to become what it is now? How does your classroom benefit your students learning, sensory and safety needs? What did you use or take out to make sure that those specific areas were met? What would you have done different? What was challenging? What else could have been helpful for you to do this project?

Scenario 1:

Here is what you need to know about your new classroom for the new school year!

WELCOME! To Room 106

This school year you will be given the following classroom... Center

  • This use to be a music room but will now be used as a homeroom class.
Information about your classroom:

You will be given:

  • 3 long tables
  • 11 stools and 14 chairs
  • 1 filing cabinet
  • 1 SmartBoard
  • 1 projector
  • 2 bookshelves
At the moment we cannot have the classroom cleared for your arrival due to such short notice. With that, you may add or get rid of anything you do not need. Keep in mind that our budget only allows us to provide so much. So please, include what you would like for the room as it will be denied or approved later on. Unfortunately the amount of chairs and types of chairs in the room is all that we can provide for the time being as well. We hope that you enjoy your new room and wish you the best!

Your Students:'

You have a full classroom of 20 students in your class this year. As this is a multi-subject classroom you will have to accommodate as needed. There is one student that was to be brought to your attention. Joe's parents wanted to inform the school that he is transferring from Mary Cariola Children's Center which is a school for children with disabilities and is now being placed in our public school. A little bit about Joe that we know. As Joe has autism, he is very structured to a daily schedule and plan. He also has a few sensory diets that need to be accounted for. Such as, he needs a quiet area, is very sensitive to noise and direct light. He loves music but if he does not get what he wants or is confused by his schedule he will begin to stim and may react in negative behaviors. This may include, hitting other children, climbing on furniture or using surrounding materials to inflict self harm. As these are areas that he has been working on, it is apart of his past IEP's. His favorite hobbies are to draw, jump, enjoys balls and watching the buses outside. This is all the information that we have on Joe at this time, as you will have to keep a special eye on more of Joe's needs during the school year. Have a great start to your school year!


  • Attach your final project and documents in the discussion tab where they may be looked upon by your classmates to compare and contrast or even ask questions regarding your results.
  • Remember if you choose to set up your classroom, you must include a before and after picture and an attached blueprint.

Extra Resources

  • Organize the physical layout of your classroom and student's seating assignments with this grid.


You Have Completed the course! GREAT JOB!
Give yourself a pat on the back, heck go treat yourself to some ICE CREAM!
You deserve it!

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