Kacie Borland's Personal Page

That's Me!

This is my first online semester with the University of Albany! I was Born and raised in Sterling, NY and graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2012 with a Bachelors in Childhood with Special Education and a concentration in Theatre. After graduation and receiving my NY state teaching certification, I went straight into working for a school for children with disabilities as a teachers aide. I was an aide in multiple high behavioral and children with autism classrooms. For over a year working for this school I decided I needed to take a leap of faith in life to follow my dreams. This lead me to my present job for Disney Cruise Lines as a Youth Activities counselor; in which I just got back today from another contract out at sea. As I leave the teaching career an open option, I am focusing on expanding outside of the classroom teacher title. I love teaching, traveling, meeting new people and finding ways to better create and modify better opportunities for all people in any work field I partake in. As I have been expanding my position as a counselor on the ship, I'm looking to begin a career in developing and creating environments and trainings in an educational work field. I am a kid at heart (I guess one would have to be in order to work for Disney) and still have a secret passion to be an archaeologist. I love to make people laugh, camping, family, continuing my knowledge on health and wellness, volunteering, traveling and I believe that everything happens for a reason; (such as postponing my amazing job with Disney to continue my education.) I look forward to what my future holds and can't wait to take this educational opportunity with all of you and implement it into my future career; whether with Disney or a new path of it's own. As I have taken online classes before, I haven't taken a full semester of classes online at the same time. So, as this is a new experience and I am a little nervous about catching onto how this works out; I can't wait to get back on the education ban wagon. :]