Fearless Integration Of Technology In The Elementary Classroom


Designed by Jeanne Weber

21st Century Skills


To all who suffer from anxiety or frustration at the mere mention or thought of integrating and using technology to enhance instruction.


Now, more than ever, it is essential for classroom teachers to become comfortable and proficient at preparing our 21st century learners for their 21st century world. The speed of the technology advances is mind-boggling. Just trying to keep up can seem a herculean task. Many teachers are given access to, but not always provided training enough to use these technologies to their advantage; often resulting in it being underutilized or worse, avoided.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about just how important this is, watch this video: Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation

This is a journey of exploration so come and venture out!

Performance Objectives

Technology in education includes not only the applications and equipment used in the classroom to enhance instruction (Interactive Whiteboards, Document Cameras), but also the tools the students use (computers, digital cameras, instructional software) and the administrative technology used (Student Information Systems programs, plan books, online teaching resources, etc.) In this course, we will use multi-media, peer-reviewed articles, hands-on practical activities and collaboration with peers or colleagues to get to the heart of the issues that can interfere with successful integration of technology in the classroom. In addition, participants will work to strengthen their understanding of how technology can be incorporated more effectively. As we progress through this course, we will find our confidence growing in our own ability to: identify possible technologies that could be integrated into their content, evaluate pros & cons, determine feasibility, and effectively seek out support in order to confidently implement technology into instruction and assessment practices. Participants will also be challenged to broaden the often narrow view of educational/instructional technology to encompass the secondary and supporting technologies that teachers often overlook.


participants will be able to:

  • Justify the use of a particular technology as a means of enhancing instruction and learning by:
Explaining the criteria used to select the technologies (either used by the teacher in instruction; or used by students to explore and/or demonstrate learning
Identifying the specific Common Core Learning Standards that are covered
Explaining the benefits of the chosen technologies
  • Connect Computer Technology Education concepts as one of the many vehicles used to support both Common Core learning standards and other content areas.
  • Perform effective searches for online resources and support
  • Gather and interpret data about aspects of incorporating new technology, including cost, time, results of others, student readiness etc.
  • Confidently implement the use of technology and support the students as they begin using it.

Course Units

Unit 1 - Introduction - Why Integrate Technology?

Unit 2 - Common Core - Where is the Technology?

Unit 3 - SmartBoard - More Than Just a Glorified White Board

Unit 4 - Web Resources for Instruction & Assessment

Unit 5 - Productivity Resources

Unit 6 - Hardware & Tools (optional)

Unit 7 - I'm Not Alone - Collaborating With Colleagues

Unit 8 - Putting it all together