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Effective Teaching with Big Ideas Math will prepare teachers to use the "Big Ideas Math" program effectively in middle school mathematics classes. The course is not to encourage teachers to purchase the program, but to provide those that have already purchased the program with a guide to better their teaching with the program. Participants should have their own Big Ideas Math account, however, login information will be provided upon request for those without access. Each participant will adapt the program to meet the specific needs of his or her classroom. Every class has different students, different technologies, and different resources available. In this course, we will review the program and create a unit that will be tailored to fit individual demands.

The following questions will drive the focus of this course:

  • What teaching and learning strategies does the program support?
  • How can "Big Ideas Math" materials be differentiated to meet IEP and 504 goals?
  • What technologies can be used to promote student learning with the "Big Ideas" program?
  • What additional resources can be used to foster student learning?

Course Information

This course is divided into two units: exploration, and development. The unit and lesson objectives are available below. As you work to meet these objectives, you will need to read various articles, explore the Big Ideas Math website and textbook, take notes on graphic organizers provided in various lessons, discuss key ideas and opinions with peers, and create a lesson segment adapted for your specific classroom.

Participants will need:

  • Login information
  • I recommend a folder for storing course materials, but a digital folder is also acceptable

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Unit 1: Big Ideas Math Exploration

Objective: Participants will explore the Big Ideas Math website and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the various features.

Exploration Lesson 1: Participants will become familiar with the Big Ideas Math website by navigating through both teacher and student pages.

Exploration Lesson 2: Participants will critique the Big Ideas Math resources and identify strengths and weaknesses of a specific unit.

Unit 2: Developing Effective Instruction with Big Ideas Math

Objective: Participants will develop a learning segment addressing and correcting the weaknesses of the program, while highlighting the strengths to support learning for all students.

Development Lesson 3: Participants will begin to gather supplemental activities, and differentiate instruction to provide for a variety of learners.

Development Lesson 4: Participants will identify and select instructional strategies and technologies that best support the objectives of the selected learning segment.

Development Lesson 5: Participants will evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson plans and learning segment.