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Jianwei Zhang, ETAP 623 instructor, assistant professor, ETAP, UAlbany.

Thomas Cutonilli: Simulations for Inquiry Course

Cheyenne Whirley: Digital Storytelling Course

Lisa Schell Case-based study of a Discussion Approach to Literacy

Xiyao Huang: Educational Use of Wikis Course

Guidelines for the Project Work

In order to facilitate teachers’ learning, these Wiki-based mini-courses need to integrate proper instructional design components (e.g., instructional objectives, instructional sequencing, instructional strategies, media use, self-assessment and reflection, etc.), following the design processes and principles highlighted in this course. During this project, you need to create and update a portfolio wiki-page to record your design thinking. Throughout this process, you will have chances to share your design with the whole class and get feedback.

The Design Project will be evaluated based on these criteria: Evaluation criteria

For some examples of possible topics, see Example topics.


Please open the agenda here: ETAP 623 Fall 2008 Design Project Agenda