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Welcome to the Cyberbullying mini-course

This mini-course is designed to help participants learn about the dangerous effects Cyberbullying.


Unit 1: What is Cyberbullying?


· Participants will begin to understand the effects of Cyberbullying by watching a Youtube video.

· Participants will activate their prior knowledge about Cyberbullying by completing an interactive online quiz and collaborating with others about their quiz results.

· Participants will read informational packets for increased information.

· Participants will state their noticing on Cyberbullying by collaborating with others on an interactive discussion page.

· Participants will learn how to identify and report an incident by analyzing the Dignity For All Students Act (DASA) website.

Unit 2: Cyberbullying Scenario and video tape skit.



· Participants will brainstorm Cyberbullying scenarios and discuss possible skits by working collaboratively qirh their peers.

· Participants will write a short Cyberbullying skit by using a graphic organizer.

· Participants will synthesize their learning of Cyberbullying by videotaping their skit.

Unit 3: Create a Weebly website to upload video skit.



· Participants will demonstrate their knowledge of Cyberbullying by creating a Weebly Website account and uploading their skit.

· Participants will discuss their noticing and create a list of possible ways to handle Cyberbullying by watching skits from their peers and by using the info learned on the DASA website.

· Participants will begin to foster a positive environment by creating a Cyberbullying pledge.

References and Resources