Creating a Digital Archive: ePortfolio's for Elementary Student's Mini-course



Author: Corie Quattrocchi

Creating a Digital Archive: ePortfolio's for Elementary Students Portfolio Page

Introduction: Welcome! I am glad you are here.

Shared Vision: It is my hope that you are engaging in this course because your interested in authentic assessment and keeping your students interested, excited and accountable for their learning. Students will be able to document and reflect upon their own personal growth. The ultimate goal of this course is for your students to reap the benefits of what you are about to learn!

What? How? Why?

  • What: An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is designed as a digital archive of student's learning and academic growth over a period of time. The ePortfolio highlights achievements, skills, interests, and reflections. The ePortfolio will naturally tell a complete learning story of the student.
  • How: As you progress through this course you will engage in creating an ePortfolio. Learn how to build authentic assessments to keep students interested an motivated. Hone your technology skills. Work within the Multiple Intelligence theory to create interesting, personal, examples of an ePortfolio. Lastly, be able to introduce ePortfolios to your colleagues.
  • Why: An ePortfolio will allow your students to show academic growth and depth of understanding over a large period of time. An ePortfolio offers an opportunity for students to show what they have learned, describe how they learned it, and how they can apply it. An ePortfolio is intended to highlight strengths.

Unit 1: How do ePortfolios support child-centered learning?

Objectives: Participants will....

Identify by posting your thoughts on the discussion tab benefits of ePortfolios through readings, videos and reflection.

Unit 2: What are some options for organizing an ePortfolio?

Objectives: Participants will...

Understand how Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory can help decide what information should go into an ePortfolio by making a list of artifacts that meet different learning styles.

Evaluate what types of documents could go into an ePortfolio. Participants will choose by making a list of what documents will be required in their students ePortfolios.

Decide which means of storage is best for your students ePortfolios by exploring different types. Participants will then right a pro and con list.

Unit 3: How do I create an ePortfolio?

Objectives: participants will...

Explore strategies to develop ePortfolios.

Unit 4: How do I assess an ePortfolio?

Objectives: Participants will...

Reflect on how an ePortfolio can be used as an authentic assessment and posting on the discussion page.

Closing thoughts

A mini-course survey

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