Creating Learning Objectives to Meet Long-Term Goals in Music Education


ETAP 623 Spring 2021 (Byrne) | Katie Allen's Portfolio Page


Overview and Purpose

Topic: Creating Learning Objectives to Meet Long-Term Goals in Music Education

Current teaching practices in Music Education regarding learning objectives have not caught up with changes in the overarching goals and principles in the field. Learning objectives often reflect traditional goals which glorify Western classical music and an academic approach to music. Teachers may be aware of the need to change this mindset, but unaware that this change should start early in the instructional design process, with design of learning objectives. The goal of this mini-course is to teach educators to create appropriate learning objectives using research-based principles within the content area of Music. (Darling-Hammond et al., 2008, p. 4)


This course is for music educators of any experience level. This course will be appropriate for educators who are interested in improving their students’ learning outcomes with research-based practices from the field of instructional design.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Identify the context and purpose of learning objectives within the instructional design process.
  • Analyze examples of learning objectives and discuss their implications.
  • Create learning objectives which are based on principles of learning.
  • Reflect on their learning from the start of the mini-course to the end.

Course Units

Unit 1: Discuss Learning Objectives in the Context of Instructional Design
Unit 2: Practice Creating Effective Learning Objectives
Unit 3: Create Learning Objectives to Serve Your Instructional Goals