Designing Collaborative Writing in Online Environments



Unit Objective: design a collaborative writing unit that facilitates understanding by creating lessons using appropriate online collaborative writing environments.

   (Enabling Prerequisites): knowledge of lesson design and unit development
   (Supportive Prerequisites): access and familiarity with online collaborative writing
    environments, manipulation of instruction online

After exploring and engaging in online collaborative writing through the development of your Wikispace, and examining several available Web 2.0 resources, it is now time to integrate your knowledge and experiences into your instruction.


Review your posts from the first unit concerning Alan November's six collaborative jobs. Based on your own collaborative writing experience and research, develop a unit of study that integrates the use of online collaborative writing environments. Post your unit outline on your group's Wiki for feedback.


Provide feedback on the units developed by your group members focusing on the following key criteria:

    1. Collaborative Opportunities - Does the unit provide ample opportunities for fruitful
    collaboration among students?
    2. Technology Integration - Do the strengths of the chosen online environment facilitate the
    necessary collaboration to accomplish the unit's writing goals?

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