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Project Proposal

  • To develop a design project that will be usable in my current classroom that addresses the misconceptions of learning the human’s digestive system.
  • Though the students usually can learn the anatomical structure of the system they fall short in understanding the physiological process of mechanical and chemical digestion.
  • Collarborative learning- The students depend on the instructor to "tell" them everything they need to understand.
  • Use of the Internet as tools to aid in the understanding of the digestive system.

Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem:

  • Currently the students depend on the instructor to teach then everything they need to know for the digestive system. There is no self learning or collaborative learning happening. As it is, they have had a more difficult time learning the physiological process of chemical and mechanical digestion. Along with teaching the factual information they require to carry out the tasks of their future jobs, I feel it is important to learn skills that will allow them to learn how to learn in the future. Healthcare is always changing in all aspects from legal issues to medication doses to patient care process. It is important that the students can learn in many ways not just by a teacher-learner community.

What is to be learned:

  • How to engage the students in the used of technology and other tools to aid the learning the digestive system.

Have a change in attitude, from depending on the teacher to induce learning to depending on themselves and each other to the explore and uncover the information they are required to learn.

My learners:

  • College level learners who are pursuing careers in healthcare, such as nurses, occupational therapists, radiation therapists, dental hygenist, and radiologic technologist.

Instructional Content:

  • This will be an instructional process which will guide the students learn on their own. The topic will be concentrate the process of chemical and mechanical digestion.

Exploring Instructional Problems and Solutions:

  • The learners will need to determine their knowledge base of the digestive system. Then learn about mechanical and chemical digestion classroom instruction. Then the students can investigate what other methods could be useful in uncovering new information. They will compare their current knowledge with the end result knowledge to prove how effective collaborative and self learning is.


  • Identify what base knowledge of the digestive system the learners possess.
  • Clarify mechanical and chemical digestion of the human body.
  • Teach the students the beginning process of how to become a self learner and it’s importance.
  • Uncover tools that will aid in the process of collaborative and self learning.


After completing this course the learners will be able to:

  • Identify the organs of the digestive system, the type of digestive enzymes the system secrets, and the action they carry out during chemical digestion.
  • Execute by performing a lab experiment on the action of digestive enzymes of macromolecules.
  • States their results from the lab experiment.
  • Identifies different learning styles
  • Demonstrate understanding and learning by the use of learning tools.
  • Generate a progress plan on how different types of learning taught them new information.
  • Chooses to realize the benefits of different learning styles.

Instructional Curriculum Map

Link to ICM Media:Curriculum_Mappdf.pdf

Task Analysis

Course Purpose: Through this course students will be introduced to a self-teaching style where they will discover all the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system. The learners will use interactive tools, hands on experiments, and collaborative learning to uncover all the facts they are required to know.

  • Essential Prerequisites:
    • Learners must have basic knowledge of chemistry
      • understand atomic structure
      • knowledge of celluar make up and diffusion
    • Learners must be able to effectively operate a computer
    • Participants must have knowledge of safety precautions in the laboratory when perfroming experiments.
  • Supportive Prerequisites:
    • Must be open minded to self-teaching
    • Willingness to learn from other classmates
    • Should posses organizational and motivational skills

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