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In this course it will examine two short and sweet and to the point units in a first grade social studies. It is designed to show some different ways and ideas to do things and how to present the lesson. Some of the ideas I have used before, in my current long term sub position. It is a away to use different forms of media as well as introducing technology into the first grade classroom.

the course starts off by looking at what a community is and what makes up a community. We then start to look at the other types of communities that the students are familiar with, such as school community or a work community. We will just look at other communities and see how they relate to ours.

In the second and unit we will look to design our virtual communities based on what we have read and talked about.This is where the technology aspect comes into play. The students will use a website that allows them to place buildings and people in their town and community.


The third unit we will be looking outside the box. In the theme of communities we can look at building an online community through blogging. We will look at and talk about blogging and the effectiveness at building that type of online community.


Before we begin I wanted to mention a site that is like an online community of teachers. It may help us in the our future exploring as teachers we have to beg borrow and steal some stuff and this is a great website for that purpose. It is Here is my profile. View my LIbrary!

Unit 1

Lesson 1 Objectives

  1. At the end of the unit students will know what the makes up a community.
  2. At the end of the unit students will be able to identify key buildings such as the post office, fire department, etc.
  3. At the end off the unit the students will be able to work collaboratively in groups with each other.

Lesson 1 What is a Community?

Lesson 2 Sharing Community Ideas


  • Learners will be able to review a lesson plan
  • Learners will be able to share ideas and exchange ideas cooperatively.

Lesson 2

Unit 2


  1. At the end of this unit the students will be able to effectively use a computer.
  2. The students will be able to effectively use the computer to create a virtual community based on what they have learned.

Lesson 1: Figuring out the Computer and it's functions.

  • Learners will learn the basic functions of the computer
  • Learners will know what functions to use while working with the assigned website.
  • Learners will know how to use the mouse.

Lesson 2: Putting Skills to Work.

  • Learners will be able to use the basic functions of the mouse and keyboard on the computer.
  • Learners will use those skills while using a website supporting a lesson plan.
  • Learners will use a discussion forum to respond and share ideas to website, lesson plan, and websites.

Unit 2: Creating our own Communities

Unit 3


  • At the end of this unit the learner will be able to produce a blog entry.
  • Learners will be able to effectively communicate through an online community in the form of a blog.
  • Learners will be able to make the blog themselves and start their own community of learners to share thoughts and ideas.

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Unit 3; Blogging it out.