Blended Learning Strategies: Unit Four

Unit Four: Evaluate and Share
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Activity: Share your Lesson

Your lesson can be added to the Blended Learning Strategies mini-course Wikispace

  • The code to join: D94XQFD
  • * Anyone can publicly view the discussions. To add to the discussion, an account must be created.
  • Once you have joined the course, use the discussion space labeled: Share your Blended Learning Lessons. Directions for this discussion space can be found on the home page of the Wikispace course.

Evaluate your new Blended Learning Lesson

After testing out and using your new blended learning lesson in the classroom, think about how your lesson was received and what can be changed or improved on.

End of Lesson Evaluation The following survey can be used to evaluate your lesson and how it worked with your class:
Blended Learning Lesson Evaluation

Thank you for adding and bringing the community of learners together to share your work and ideas. I look forward to seeing how you use blended learning strategies in your classroom!


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