Blended Learning Strategies


Blended Learning Strategies Mini-Course

Lauren Dembrosky

Welcome to the Blended Learning Strategies mini-course. This course will hopefully spark your interest in using blended learning in your classroom and give you ideas on how to transform your current lessons to the blended learning format



Blended learning (or hybrid learning) brings aspects of the traditional face-to-face classroom to the online environment. Blended learning redesigns how content is delivered, exposes students to new and existing technologies and allows for a learner-centered approach. In this mini-course information will be provided on what blended learning consists of and it’s uses. The purpose of this course is to provide examples of different types of blended learning models as well as identifying which aspects of the face-to-face classroom can be delivered online.

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Evaluate and discuss which blended learning model will fit their instructional needs

  • Identify aspects of teaching/learning that can be delivered online

  • Analyze a current face-to-face course lesson and redesign it to fit the blended learning environment

Prerequisite: It is recommended that you have a lesson in mind that you are looking to transform from the classroom to a blended learning format.

Unit One: What is Blended Learning?

In the first unit, participants will learn about what makes a lesson or course considered to be blended. Also what determines a course to be blended and how this has come to be a growing model for classrooms today.

Blended Learning Strategies: Start Unit One


Unit Two: Blended Learning Models

There are many different types on blended learning models that can be used in the classroom and online. In this unit will will cover the four most used types of blended learning models and describe how each works and how they are set up.Participants will discuss the different types of models and test their knowledge on the model types.

Blended Learning Strategies: Unit Two


Unit Three: Transform and In-class Lesson

In this unit you will take a current lesson you are teaching in the classroom and walk through the process of transforming it to the blended format. You will use one of the models mentioned in the previous unit to help start the process.

Blended Learning Strategies: Unit Three


Unit Four: Evaluate and Share

After transforming a lesson to the blended format, using rubrics and quizzes to measure the effectiveness, participants will share their lessons with others who have completed the mini-course to build a library of blended lessons.

Blended Learning Strategies: Unit Four


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