Autism & ABA: A Crash Course in Behavior Management!



Welcome to Autism & ABA: A Crash Course in Behavior Management!

The goal of this mini-course is to provide instruction in behavior management in order to address challenging behaviors exhibited by students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This mini-course will provide an introduction to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), model how to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), and provide guidelines for the development of a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). Knowledge gained from this course may be used to address any level of challenging behavior, from milder behaviors (e.g., attending to task) to more severe behaviors (e.g., aggression, self-injurious behavior).

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Course Overview

Upon completion of this mini-course, learners will be able to:

- Recall, explain and apply vocabulary terms and principles related to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

- Conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

- Develop a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)

This mini-course will instruct learners in the foundational principles of Applied Behavior Analysis so that learners may determine the purpose of a challenging behavior and address it proactively. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to assess behavior systematically and develop a behavior plan in order to reduce problem behaviors across settings.

Unit 1: What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Lesson 1: What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Lesson 2: The Language of Applied Behavior Analysis

Unit 2: Establishing Behavioral Objectives

Lesson 1: Defining the Target Behavior

Lesson 2: Identifying the Replacement Behavior

Unit 3: Behavior Assessment

Lesson 1: The Four Functions of Behavior

Lesson 2: Determining the Function of Behavior

Unit 4: Developing a Behavior Plan

Lesson 1: Creating Your Plan