For your assignment, you will be working together in a group, sometimes in pairs, and also on your own.


The first order of business is to decide who will do the following tasks, and understand what your job entails:

1. writer: the writer will work with the producer to write the first and final draft of the script.

2. producer: the producer will work with the writer and make sure all other group members are fufilling their tasks by the due date.

3. director: the director will follow the script and direct the videographer and host throughout the videotaping process

4. host (front of the camera): the host will be the person narrating the video and demonstrating all the points you want to bring out, including any arguing points you have.

5. videographer: the videographer will tape all the video scenes, and work alongside the director and host to make any edits before publishing the video onto the site.

Tell Your Story

Trash 3.jpg Once your tasks have been assigned, review the readings and discussions from last week. Use these findings and the example videos as a basis of your video and work with your group members in class to complete the outline draft.


The Writer and Producer will use this outline draft to write the first draft of the script and submit it on the Talk:Lesson Two page of this lesson.

Wednesday and Thursday:

All group members and the teacher will discuss the contents of the first draft and make revisions for a final draft in the Talk:Lesson Two page.


Group members will work together in class to complete the final draft of the script and submit it on the Talk:Lesson Two page.

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