Assessment: Create a Full-Length Media Literacy Education Lessons

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You made it! You have learned all the necessary knowledge and skills to create a full-length media literacy education lesson plan. Your last objective to complete is to select a new media document(s) and create a full-length lesson to use in your own classroom. As a reminder, here are the necessary components you should include in your lesson plan:

  • The lesson title
  • Lesson overview
  • Curriculum area and grade level
  • Time needed
  • Learning objectives
  • Vocabulary
  • Prerequisites
  • Material and technology
  • Step-by-step procedures of the lesson
  • Media documents for decoding and NAMLE questions you plan to ask
  • How you are going to assess student understanding
  • Extensions for further inquiry (optional)

Here are the links to the media lesson plan I created and the Project Look Sharp website in case you need to revert back to another lesson plan for help: