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Mini Course: Engaging Native Speakers - Introductory to Spanish Classroom

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About Me

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Hello! I’m Andrea Cadena, a middle school Spanish teacher in New York. My academic background is in psychology, special education and elementary education. I am bilingual, a native speaker of Spanish. I began to learn English at the age of eight. My experience has driven my interest in the experience of language acquisition.

My Topic and Purpose

There is limited research done on ways to incorporate native speakers in a level-1 World Language classroom.

The purpose of this course is to better understand how to engage native speakers in an introductory World Language course. I will be focusing on instruction for teaching Spanish, however you may apply your learning from this course to any World Language classroom.

Native speakers often find the material in an introductory course of their native language boring. This course will guide you to keep capable students engaged. In addition, you will learn to incorporate performance objectives tailored to different students' needs.

Scope of Learning Outcomes and Content

This course will address the skills and attitudes of native speakers.

The level of skills for accomplishing acquisition of content caries from learner to learner.

Attitudes about learning change based on task experiences.

Needs Assessment

Students who are knowledgeable of the content being taught need to feel stimulated more than those who are beginners.

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Learners who choose this course are most likely World Language teachers who are interested in raising the level of engagement of native speakers in the classroom. Learners most likely have some familiarity with NYS Learning Standards for World Languages.

Content will be delivered online, and participants will be able to access it at home or at work, wherever they have an internet connection and a computer.

Performance-Based Objectives

  1. Understand each students' individual needs.
  2. Differentiate Instruction
  3. Embrace students' culture

Task Analysis

Creating a space that embraced these students.

Curriculum Map

Unit 1: Defining Language Fluency

Unit 2: Planning for Instruction

Unit 3: Bilingual/Multilingual Students in the Classroom

Unit 4: Lessons to try on your own!