2.1 Learning Outcomes


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Learning Outcomes




In this round, you will analyze the meaning of learning outcomes. Required Points: 3

Optional Points: 2


When choosing a game, we need to have an understanding of what outcomes we want for our students. Regents testing traditionally emphasize recall, providing a project or game-based curriculum has students focus on understanding and application. Learning outcomes are statements of what participants will learn during their experience as you described it in the activities. The statements are focused on learning (What will they learn in that specific time span of the experience). These statements should include a verb phrase and an impact ("in order to") phrase -- what participants will do/be able to do and how they will apply that skill or knowledge in their daily practice.

Having an organized set of objectives helps teachers to plan and deliver appropriate instruction, design valid assessment tasks and strategies, and ensure that instruction and assessment are aligned with the objectives. The six levels of Blooms Taxonomy, as shown above, are used to develop courses learning outcomes. The video below lays out how to write learning objectives using Blooms.

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Miriam B. Larson and Barbara Lockee give a detailed description of learning outcomes in Chapter 6 of their book, Streamlined ID: A Practical Guide to Instructional Design.

“Learning outcomes evolve from the identified goals and KASIs (knowledge, attitudes, skills, and interpersonal skills), are written from the viewpoint of the learner, and communicate precisely what the learner should know, feel, and/or be able to do following the learning experience”

Read chapter 6 of Larson and Lockee's book, linked below. Afterward, go to the top of the lesson and click on the discussion tab. Write a short paragraph including three things that you found interesting regarding the idea of understanding- what did you learn about? What do you want to know more about? How do you form learning outcomes? If you are in a current classroom, how does this relate to classroom structure?

Commenting on the reading will award you +3 points. You will receive an additional +1 optional point if you respond to someone else's thoughts. So you can earn up to +4 points.

Streamlined ID Chapter 6


In this round, you will analyze the meaning of learning outcomes.

Required Points: 3

Optional Points: 2

Those who complete Level 2.1 with a total of 3 to 5 points may move on to Level 2.2 Games for Learning.