== Day 3 How to use Exclamation mark ==



Why would you use Exclamation mark?


  • Do the following quiz to revise sentence kinds

The quiz [1]

  • Do you know how to use Windows Movie Maker? Follow this link to learn how to use it[2]

Activity 1

Exclamation Marks: Gosh and Golly!

In speech, exclamations are used freely, especially in moments of high passion, as when the dishwasher overflows at 11 P.M. on a Saturday night. In writing, however, it is far more convincing to create emphasis by the force of your words rather than the force of your punctuation. But there will be occasions to use exclamation marks, so here are some guidelines to follow.

Use an exclamation mark after an exclamatory sentence.

Example: “Apparent” is a large, old bossy person who tortures youth!

Exclamatory sentences show excitement or another strong emotion.

  • Someone call 911!
  • The field is on fire!
  • Firemen are amazing!
  • It's snowing!

Practice: digital story telling

Do you remember your first day at school?

Use Windows Movie Maker to make a short paragraph about your feeling the night before school and during the school day . The movie should include five images and five sentences at least. Have fun recording your expressive voice!


Now, you know what punctuation marks you should use in the end of a sentence. Let's do this quiz File:End of the line punctuation quiz.pdf

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