== Day 2 How to use Question marks ==




When should we use the question mark?


  • Let's revise sentence kinds. Click on the link to do the quiz [1]
  • For more information about forming questions, you can watch the follwoing video [2]
  • For more fun, play this game [3]

Activity 1

You know the rules for life: Never wear white shoes after Labor Day, brush after every meal, and avoid making rude noises in public. Here, then, are the rules for using question marks.

  • Use a question mark after a question.
  • Example: Isn't the Mason-Dixon line what separates y'all from youse guys?
  • Place the question mark inside of closing quotation marks if it is part of the quotation.
  • Example: In a dream, I heard someone asking, “Isn't atheism a nonprophet organization?”
  • Place the question mark outside of the closing quotation marks if it is not part of the quotation.
  • Example: Was it your mother who said, “The Lord prefers common-looking people; that's the reason he made so many of them”? (In such a circumstance, it's okay to drop the period from the quotation.)


Attempt the following questions: File:Question mark worksheet.pdf

Now, What would you like to know about exclamation mark? Write five questions. Don't forget to use the question mark!

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