WordPress Portfolio for Teachers


Designer: I. Watts-Politza


"WordPress Portfolio for Teachers" is designed to guide P - 20 educators in the basics of creating a teaching portfolio on WordPress. Changes in P - 20 education with respect to testing, evaluation, and hiring of teachers necessitate the compilation of a body of professional work that flexibly documents one's knowledge, skills, and dispositions in a style that is relevant to 21st Century teaching and learning reform and initiatives. Course users will develop skills in multi-media artifact presentation and writing standards-based reflective commentary to publish an online, digital portfolio. Course users will become familiar with ways to select, organize, and reflect on teaching and learning artifacts with respect to New York State Teaching Standards and APPR requirements. These skills can support teachers seeking to fulfill APPR professional development requirements, gain district employment or tenure, apply to graduate or post-graduate programs of study, or serve as teacher leaders to faculty or students in the portfolio development process.

Dr. Helen Barrett, who began pioneering e-portfolio development over twenty years ago, is considered one of the foremost world experts in e-portfolio creation. For an introduction to e-portfolio concepts, processes, and products, view Dr. Barrett's 2010 TED Talk by clicking here. [1]

Course Goals and Outcomes

Course Goals: Educators document and reflect on professional growth. Educators make critical connections between professional standards and their practice.

Course Outcomes: At the conclusion of this course, users will be able to:

identify connections between standards, state professional performance requirements, and teaching practice;

demonstrate professional growth and development;

analyze teaching practice;

generate a digital portfolio;

choose to invite commentary from knowledgeable others.

The Units

Unit 1: Creating the Portfolio Shell

Unit 2: Teaching Standards and Artifact Selection

Unit 3: Teaching Standards and Clinical Reflection

Unit 4: Feedback: the Knowledgeable Other

Mini-Course Concluding Activities

Irene W-P's Portfolio