WikiInfoLit Unit 1 - Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, and Wikipedia


Goals For This Unit

In Unit 1, you will develop a background knowledge of information literacy and critical thinking, and how they relate to Wikipedia.

Introduction to Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Wikipedia

Let's begin with this video that introduces what Information Literacy is as well as the importance of critical thinking, especially in terms of choosing and evaluating information sources (that's the librarian catch-all term for books, articles, videos, web sites, data sets etc.) It mentions the idea that authority is subverted or irrelevant in the contemporary information environment, and that format is also irrelevant, but this only means that students need to update and enhance their evaluative abilities.

Information Transliteracy in the 21st Century Classroom

Questions For Reflection

You do not need to post your answers to questions for reflection. However, for your own benefit, I recommend that you write it out as if you were communicating your ideas to someone else. If you do want to post your answers, post them to theWikiInfoLit Google Group under Unit 1, General Discussion

  1. Do you feel that your students are already "questioning the answers," or do you have to encourage them? Are there differences between groups? If so, hypothesize about the reasons for those differences.
  2. In what ways is it harder to teach in a "questioning the answers" way compared to an "answering the questions" way? In what ways is it easier? What different techniques do you have to use?
  3. How could Wikipedia be helpful in a "questioning the answers" setting? How could Wikipedia be harmful in a "questioning the answers" setting? Try to think of non-obvious ways.

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