WikiInfoLit Course Wrap-up


Next Steps

Now that you have completed the mini-course, you should have five lesson plans that you can use with your own students. Please consider sharing your successes, lessons learned, and new ideas with us in the WikiInfoLit Google Group.

As you discover TED Talks, news and blog articles, and scholarly pieces related to the subject of the course, please contribute them to our WikiInfoLit Diigo group.

Course Evaluation

Please fill out this brief Course Evalution. I will use the information provided to revise and improve the course. Your responses are anonymous and will remain confidential.

Stay In Touch!

Please feel free to start new discussion posts in the WikiInfoLit Google Group for conversation with your fellow participants (past and present) and to offer ideas and feedback to newer participants in their Activity answers. Hopefully we can build an active community of practice.

You can contact me directly at sarah[dot]morehouse[at]esc[dot]edu.

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