What is the purpose of activity-based lessons?


Lesson One: What is the purpose of activity-based lessons?

Activity-based lessons allow the students to function as historians and draw their own conclusions based on carefully developed activities that enhance students reading and analytical skills. The activities can include anything that the instructor deems appropriate and relating to the topic, these items can range from pictures, cartoons, songs, poems, written sources and non written source, etc. They can be primary or secondary, original or modified, lengthy or brief, done in groups or individually, this spectrum depends on your students and the learning environment you have created as a learning leader. Activity-based lessons are a wonderful tool for teachers to integrate the multiple levels of blooms taxonomy into a classroom. Students must "read" or comprehending basic knowledge using the documents at hand, analyzing and applying the information learned from the documents by answering questions generated by the instructor or developed by the students themselves, and finally, synthesizing and evaluating the information gathered in the documents to answer the larger question at hand.

Try it yourself:

Connect to the link in order to practice developing questions that can be used by students to analyze a document in an activity.