What Do I Know Now?


Course Title Page | Did I Use The Right Model?

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Now that you've completed this mini-course, it is the perfect time to assess your knowledge, and confidence with implementing various co-teaching models to promote student achievement. Answer the questions below in your notebook and use them to evaluate what you've gotten out of this course.

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1⃣ Which co-teaching models can you confidently name and describe?

2⃣ What impact can the different co-teaching models have on the success of your students?

3⃣ What are the individual benefits of the various co-teaching models?

4⃣ What are the unique costs of the different co-teaching models?

5⃣ How can you use co-teaching models to address current problems in your classroom?

Moving Forward

Congratulations! You are done with this course and ready to move forward in trying out different co-teaching models in your classroom with your co-teacher! Thank you for your time, and I wish you and your students lots of success!