What Do I Already Know About Co-Teaching Models?


ETAP 623 Fall 2022 (Zhang) | Course Title Page | What Are The Co-Teaching Models?

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Before we jump in to learning all about the different co-teaching models and how we might use them, let's take a beat and think about what we already know.

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To complete this activity, you might want to take out a notebook and pencil, and jot your responses to the following questions. Make sure you keep them and your notebook handy as you will be coming back to these notes throughout the course.

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1⃣ Can you name any co-teaching models?

2⃣ What co-teaching models do you regularly use in your classroom?

3⃣ What are the benefits of the models you already teach with?

4⃣ What are the costs of the models you regularly use?

5⃣ What are some common struggles you notice in your instruction?

Once you are done reflecting on your practice through the questions above, click the link below to move into the first unit of the course and get started!

What Are The Co-Teaching Models?