Vocabulary teaching strategy Unit 2 : RETELLING AND DRAMA UNIT



Participants will be able to apply vocabulary teaching strategies with combining and implementing retelling and drama.

Steps of Retelling and Drama

The 1st Step: Interactive Storytelling

Keys to remember : instructors...

  1. Know the story well enough to make its delivery smooth.
  2. Select books for storytelling depends on the children's age, experience with storytelling, and classroom curriculum. (Younger preschool children benefit from simple versions of familiar folktales or short sections of informational books with few characters and events. Older children enjoy stories that include more events and well-developed characters).
  3. make the telling sound natural

Be sure to tell stories from many different cultures, including stories familiar to children. Parents are often the best storytellers.

The 2nd Step: Guided Book Acting (Guide Children as they retell or dramatize the entire story.)

First, instructors prepares children to retell or dramatize the story in Book Acting. They help children recall the events in the story, reviewing the entire story using the illustrations as support. Teachers might want to ask children to tell what happened first in the story. After children respond, teachers ask either clarifying questions or leading questions. They might ask for explanations or provide explanations themselves. Teacher help children recall the major events in sequence and the gist of characters' dialogue. For example, "Why did the Troll let the first Billy Goat across the bridge?") "How do you suppose that first Billy Goat felt as he crossed over the bridge right next to that Troll?"

The 3rd Step: Independent Book Acting

The final step in book acting is to provide opportunities for children to engage in book acting on their own during center activities. Children should be encouraged to reuse props to construct new stories using applying their own vocabulary.

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