Visual Thinking Unit 3

Unit 3: Putting It All Together

You will evaluate all of the strategies you’ve learned to create a plan for implementation.

Objective: Given an outline of 4 steps, you will design a plan to promote thinking in your own classroom using 3 of the visual thinking routines from the course

The desired outcome for this course is for you to leave with a plan of action for how to implement visual thinking strategies into your own classrooms. Your final assessment is to evaluate all of the strategies (language of thinking and visual thinking routines) to determine which would work best in your classroom. The steps for the final assessment are below.

1. Analyze and evaluate the different visual thinking strategies in the course. (You've already done this as your assessment in unit 2).

2. Select 3 that you feel most confident and interested in using yourself.

3. Write a description of how you plan to implement each strategy into one of your current lessons. Post in our Edmodo class assignment titled Unit 3 Final Assessment.

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