Using a Communal Website to "Flip" the Instrumental Music Classroom



This course explores Flipped Learning in instrumental music through the use of a communal or classroom website. The intention is to utilize innovative education practices that promote 21st Century skills through the context of musical training.

In this mini-course we will explore the nature of Flipped Learning and its implementation in instrumental music classrooms. Then we'll look at the role of class websites and explore resources for building our own!


Topics that will be covered:

  • The benefits of a flipped instrumental music classroom
  • The uses of a communal website in a flipped instrumental music classroom
  • Construction and contents of a communal website
  • Implications for instrumental music classroom instruction

Before We Begin

For this course, you will need the following:

Unit 1: Flipped Learning

Objective: Learners will describe the characteristics of flipped learning, discuss the benefits of this approach to instruction, and design a lesson plan utilizing this strategy.

Lesson 1: Learners will define Flipped Learning and describe the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P.

Lesson 2: Learners will describe lesson planning strategies for Flipped Learning.

Unit 2: Communal Website

Objective: Learners will construct a website for use with their classrooms in Flipped Learning.

Lesson 3: Learners will identify website components that can convey direct instruction in the individual learning space.

Lesson 4: Learners will explore resources and tools for website construction.

Final Project: Website Construction

Objective: Learners will build a website for use with their classrooms in the implementation of Flipped Learning.