Using Social Thinking to Address Behavior in ASD or Communication Impaired Students


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Mini-Course Description

Welcome to my mini course! My aim is to provide sufficient knowledge about the social needs for learners on the autism spectrum and other learners with communication impairments. We will learn about what the needs of learners on the Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) how different factors affect their ability to interact with the world at large, evaluate strategies to use to mitigate their issues and finally to develop a strategy based product to address the need of these learners.

ASD refers to autism spectrum disorder. Learners who fall on this spectrum encounter daily struggles with communicating. The amount of children being affected by ASD has risen over the years to affect 1 in 68 children born every year. Even if you are NOT a special education teacher, or even a teacher at all, chances are very likely you will encounter a person on the ASD. This course aims to inform you on the necessary background knowledge on ASD(without being solely a course on what is autism) and how to properly evaluate and develop a plan to assist these learners' needs.

It should be noted while this course deals with correcting challenging behavior for K-12 students with autism, it's not a course that deals much with what autism is itself. You should have some familiarity with autism before attempting this course. There is an informational chart to help you familiarize yourself with some key components of the symptoms for ASD.


Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

1. Understand what social struggles that learners with ASD and communication impaired encounter

2. Analyze strategies to mediate social issues for communication impaired learners

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies according to various scenarios

4. Design a product that means to mediate a social need of a learner with ASD

5. Define key vocabulary that supports understanding of learning the social needs of learners with ASD


Everyone taking this mini-course on authentic assessment should previously have:

  • A basic understanding of navigation on a wiki
  • K-12 Experience in a teaching or classroom experience - whether it be classroom observation, student teaching, or teaching.
  • An interest in learning about ASD and communication Issues.


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Unit 1 Understanding Social Behavior Difficulties in Communication Impaired Children

In the first unit you will be exposed to the various difficulties individuals on the autism spectrum encounter and will begin to identify challenges for indiviuals specifically in the K-12 setting.

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Unit 2 Understanding Behavioral Difficulties in Communication Impaired Children

Unit 2 introduces social thinking and the different tools that can be utilized to help ASD learners understand perspectives and identify troubling behavior.

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Unit 3 Developing a Social Story Strategies

You will learn the structure and evaluate social stories, one of the most useful tools to utilize when teaching social concepts.

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Summative Evaluation

Tying it altogether , you will create your own social story based on a scenario with an individual with autism. A rubric is provided to help you formulate an effective strategy to manage a challenging behavior presented in the scenario.