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Greetings! My name is Jason Kozel and from here on out this will be a starting point for my future endeavors with Wikipedia. As you can see above I have already posted a photo of where I would like to go with my final project for ETAP 623. Looks like fun!

Currently, I am en route to Saudi Arabia where I will be starting a contract that will have me teaching English to Saudi nationals in the corporate world. I have taught in Korea for 3 years and Poland for 6 months. Between contracts and during my vacations I travel the world and document my travels with photographs and long-winded, self-aggrandizing blogs (insert unsubtle hint of self-deprecating humor). I look forward to interacting with anyone who stumbles into my little digital realm. Thanks for visiting!

  • A few things about me:
    • I teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL.
    • I am an avid traveler.
    • I take TONS of photographs--4,000 in India alone!
      • I should be much better at taking photographs.
    • I enjoy working with hypermedia a great deal.

Thanks again...see you online!

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