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About Me

Hi! My name is Jessye Pragen, and I am currently working towards completing my Masters in Curriculum Development and Instruction Technology. I am anticipating completing my degree in May of 2018 (Yay!). I graduated from the State University of New York College at Cortland in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) with a concentration in Social Sciences.

As of the 2016-2017 school year, I have been working for the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) as a General Education teacher. Last year, I worked in a General Education third grade classroom, with 12 students. The 2017-2018 school year marks my second year working in the same school, but as a second-grade General education teacher in an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classroom. This year has been a learning process since day one, and each day I learn new techniques that help increase student retention and improve the quality of their education.

Overview and Purpose of Course

This mini-course was constructed to educate K-5 teachers on how iPads can be integrated into the K-5 classroom, in addition to its overall impact on the learning experience.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • What are the basic features of an iPad?
  • How do iPads accommodate individual student needs?
  • What Web 2.0 tools increase productivity in your classroom?
  • How can iPads be integrated into the K-5 setting?