Graduate Student

My name is Ildefonso Correas Apelanz, I am a graduate student at the University at Albany.


Originally from Argentina, I am here to study the art and science of Instructional Design. I work in Saratoga Springs for a not-for-profit agency named Saratoga County EOC, Inc. under the umbrella of the Latino Community Advocacy Program. I am currently the ESL Coordinator assisting people as they undertake their personal journey in learning and mastering the English Language.

My Education

Undergraduate Studies

AAS in Business Administration. Fulton Montgomery Community College.

BA in Latin American Studies & Economics.

Graduate Studies

MA in Spanish Language. Course of Study has been finished. Degree in pending upon examination.

ME in CDIT. Currently enrolled in classes.

My Interests

My favorite sport is soccer. In Argentina, I played soccer for my High School Team, and various teams across the city. My soccer is [River Plate] .

Reading and writing are two things I love the most. I read as much as I can, in both English and Spanish. I enjoy Poe and Borges as two of my favorite writers.

I also spend some of my free time watching movies and going to Independent Film Festivals.

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