Blended Classrooms

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About Me

I am currently a middle school science teacher at Saint Mary's Saint Alphonsus in Glens Falls New York. Before that I was a 7th grade science and AP biology teacher at Cherry Valley Springfield Central School in New York. I graduated in 2012 with my B.S. in Biology Education from Marist College.

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My Topic/Purpose

Blended Instruction in a Middle School or High School Classroom

Welcome to implementation of blended instruction in a Middle School or High School Classroom, in this course we will be focusing on methods that can be used to best implement blended instruction into a secondary classroom. Some blended instruction puts a lot of responsibility of the students to work effectively and efficiently outside of the class. This course will focus on teacher the learners how to best implement effective blended instruction into their classroom. Learners will first identify effective characteristics of an flipped or blended classroom and then will collaborate with one another to best create a flipped classroom that works for them.

Outline of Lessons

  • Identify characteristics of a Blended Classroom
  • Understand what makes strategies used in a Blended Classroom effective
  • Identify the benefits of a Blended Classroom
  • Apply effective strategies to classroom scenarios

Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem

Classrooms are found to be most effective when there is more freedom for students to be creative and problem solve to discover answers. This leaves less time on class for educators to go over or correct misunderstandings on material students are expected to learn in the class. A blended classroom allows the teacher to use more time in the classroom for creativity and problem solving while time outside of the classroom is used by students to familiarize themselves with the material.

What is to be Learned

Participants will learn how to implement effective strategies utilized in a blended classroom with a variety of different learning abilities, learning styles, and backgrounds.


7-12 Secondary teachers in a variety of different subjects. Participants will need to know how to use google education tools.


Participants taking the course will understand the benefits of a flipped classroom and be able to integrate effective strategies in their own unique classroom setting.

What is Learned

Students in this class will learn different strategies that can be applied to create a blended classroom. The effectiveness of these strategies will be based on a middle school classroom with a variety of different learning abilities, learning styles, and backgrounds.

Analysis of the Learner and Context

This course will help teach strategies used in flipped classrooms, focusing in on secondary science classrooms ut many of the same techniques could be used in any classroom setting. Through taking this course teachers will learn how to set up a classroom that focuses in on inquiry based learning and labs while also being able to teach the material the students need to learn.

Performance Objectives

1) Learners will be able to identify how a blended or flipped classroom is different than a traditional classroom setting

2) Learners will identify strategies to use and strategies to avoid in a blended or flipped classroom

3) Learners will demonstrate their understanding what makes some strategies effective and other ineffective in a flipped classroom

4) Learners will learn the benefits of a flipped classroom and be able to explain the benefits to others

5) Learners will be given examples of flipped classrooms and will need to identify and explain the strategies that are effective or ineffective in each scenario. Learners will then replace the ineffective strategies will effective ones.

Task Analysis

Final Objective

Learners will be able to implement strategies to help make an effective blended classroom environment


1) Learners will know what a blended or flipped classroom is and what the benefits of having a blended classroom are

This unit will focus on Instructivist approaches for learning what a blended classroom is and a connectivist approach for learning the benefits

2) Learners will know strategies used to make blended classrooms effective

This unit will focus on Instructivist approaches for learning strategies and Connectivist approach for why they are effective

3) Learners will be able to implement strategies that work for them into a classroom setting

Learners will focus on Constructivist approach for implementation of strategies into a classroom

Curriculum Map