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My name is Dwayne My name is Dwayne Brathwaite. My passion for teaching started in high school when I tutored other students as part of a New York Public program. In college, I tutored my classmates as well but as someone very interested in technology, I chose to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. In my first corporate job, I spent a lot of time seeking answers about my company for myself and my clients in a haphazard way. As new employees joined the company, I noticed how much time it took for them to get up to speed on corporate culture, their role and our company’s products. It was obvious it affected service and it affected motivation. One of the senior managers identified this problem and created a new training role that I inherited. I spent a few years making informal multimedia training modules that really excited me. I earned web design and web development certifications along the way. I’ve spent some time working not just on multimedia projects, but a platform for effective instruction. After being through several iterations of my platform, I was left with a question that I hadn’t been able to answer: how do people actually learn? Of course, this led to other questions such as, how do I know my efforts are impactful to my audience? The piling questions led me to pursue a graduate degree in the CDIT program at the University at Albany. Over the years, I’ve earned a Computer Engineering degree, an MBA and several certifications. I still enjoy technology. I love being on the leading edge of what’s new. However, I enjoy learning about instruction and with each chapter I read in the CDIT program spurs many thoughts about how I can integrate that new knowledge into my multimedia projects. I feel like I’m home!

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