Unit Three: Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Repeats or Varying Conflicts?


Do Now

Reflect: So far in our studies about Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, what similarities and differences can you come up with between these conflicts?

File:Unit 3 -Do Now Answer Key.pdf


Overall Question to Consider: Are Afghanistan/Iraq repeats of the Vietnam War?


Step 1: Select a graphic organizer to use from the file below. (You may use the same organizer for each article or choose a different one for each article).

Graphic Organizers: File:Comparison Graphic Organizers.pdf

Step 2: Compare and Contrast the Vietnam war to the more recent U.S. conflicts of Afghanistan and Iraq. Select 3 out of 4 of the resources below and fill one graphic organizer out for each resource that you use.

  • Note: The DBQ has a lot of resources. You are not required to view all of them, however they are all available to you if you would like to use them.*

There will be an assessment quiz at the end of the unit to check your understanding. There are 12 questions in total. You must receive a score of 75% or higher on this quiz (9 out of 12. If you cannot complete this quiz with a 75% or higher you will need to go back and look at the resources again to gain a better understanding of the material.

Potential Resources:

Vietnam and Iraq Comparison Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK4A_l6oWRo

Article 1:File:Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq - Different or the Same.pdf

Article 2:File:Stop Comparing Iraq to the Vietnam War Article.pdf

DBQ's and Resources:File:Comparison of Wars DBQ.compressed.pdf

Class Discussion

Discussion Questions:

- Based on your analysis of the resources, what similarities and difference exist between the Vietnam War and Afghanistan/Iraq?

- Are Afghanistan/Iraq Repeats of Vietnam or entirely different conflicts?


1) Answer the questions in your response (Use at least 3 pieces of evidence to support your claims)

2) Reply to at least 2 posts made by your classmates, stating whether you agree or disagree with their post. Use at least 1 piece of evidence to support your claims/counterclaims

How to Post:

To create your own thread go to the "Unit 3 Discussion" Thread. Here you will see a "New Topic" button on the bottom right. Click this button to create a new thread for the page. (The picture on the right will also show you where this is located)

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Unit 3 Discussion Board

Formative Assessment

Instructions: Answer the following multiple choice questions (Link provided below)

-You must type your name prior to accessing the quiz. After this you may begin taking it.

- When you are done, go back and check your answers. After you have done this hit the "submit" button on the bottom of the page.

- To move onto the final part of the mini course you must receive a 9 out of 12 or higher on the quiz.

- If you score lower than a 9 out of 12 on the quiz you must review the resources of this unit for a better understanding of the material and retake the quiz again when you feel you are ready.

Link to Quiz: Unit 3 Formative Assessment Quiz


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