Unit Three: Graphing

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Now that you have gathered all of your data you are going to create a frequency table and histogram.

Lesson 1: Create Frequency Table

On your spreadsheet please create your frequency table for any of the three sets of data. It should look something like this: Intervals.jpg

Now that you have created that you need to use a formula to calculate your data. Please open Frequency in a new tab by right-clicking. Then follow the directions to complete your frequency table.

Lesson 2: Create a Histogram

Creating charts (graphs) in Excel is really easy!!!

  • Highlight your INTERVALS, hold the CTRL key, and highlight your FREQUENCY
  • Click the INSERT tab, then insert a COLUMN chart.


Just like in class it is important that you include:

  • An appropriate title
  • Axes lables

Lesson 3: Formatting

There are so many different ways to format your graph!! The three main toolbars are as follows:

  • Design


  • Layout


  • Format


Other Formatting Tips

You can easily format anything on the chart by right-clicking on ANY part of the chart and then clicking FORMAT DATA SERIES This will open a very easy to follow box.
Histogram bars are always suppose to touch. Please make sure that you right-click on the bars and adjust the width.
You can insert pictures into your graphs by either saving a picture or from clipart. Pictures in the background or in the bars can make it clearer to the reader what the graph is depicting.

Lesson 4: Finishing

  • Now that you know how to create a histogram. Please create a cumulative frequency histogram.
  • Please format this one appropriately.
  • Please SAVE everything.
  • Print out your workbook.
  • Email me your project as an attachment.

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