Unit Three: Evaluation and Implementation


Unit Two: Developing an Immersive Classroom


Mini-Course: Literature, Narrative, and Analysis Through Video Games



LESSON 3.1 Lesson Development

Objective: Develop a fully immersive "gamified" lesson plan on focused on narration to be implemented in your classroom.

Task 1


In the first section, begin thinking about several questions:

  1. Who are your learners? What are their needs? How will you differentiate as necessary?
  2. What do you want students to learn? What are the major course objectives?

Review Understanding by Design to prepare for creating your lesson plan.

Task 2


In this section, you should begin thinking about your course as a whole.

  1. Which game will you utilize to cement your lesson plan?
  2. How will it specifically tie to your objectives and goals?

Task 3


In the final section, return to Unit Two: Developing an Immersive Classroom as needed to reflect upon previous courses.

  1. How will you introduce your game?
  2. How will you manage the classroom?
  3. What role will you take in the learning?
  4. How will you evaluate your students?

LESSON 3.2 Assessing Your Gamified Lesson Plan

Submit Your Lesson Plan

Once you have completed your lesson plan- please consider joining our Google Group for Peer Feedback, professional resources, and to continue the conversation on technologies in the classroom.

Incorporating Games Google Group

Additional Sources to Review

  1. EduRealms- Education and Video Games!, Specifically, check out the World of Warcraft in the classroom postings HERE
  1. Twitter filled with awesome updates in the world of gaming in education.
  1. Serious Games Article